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And suddenly …. they grow

Boy 7 Boy 6

I’m reflecting here today on the way these children grow and change before my very eyes, yet seemingly without me noticing it.

I know, hundreds of well-meaning people have given me the words of wisdom. You know the sort: “They grow up so quick.” “This won’t last forever, they’ll be grown before you know it.” etc. ┬áBut it appears the more I hear that and gently remind myself of such truths, the less I really ‘get it’.

Oh, I see them all day, every day. I know they grow because the shirt sleeves become too short in a far too quick period of time. I know they develop and learn because I’m the one that hears their excited proclamations when they figure something out and observes the slow and steady progress of learning letters and putting them together in some meaningful fashion which we call reading. Oh, yes, I know they grow.

But then, almost uninvited, I’m hit with the reality of it all. Suddenly, without consulting their Mummy, they mature. I’m sure it was just yesterday this was my little tot. Full of cuddles and never, ever, ever too far from my side. Today, it seems he’s a grown boy. A big BOY. How did that happen? I glimpsed it in this unplanned few moments of time away from his siblings, he just oozed all that ‘boyishness’ that he has grown into.

Boy 1

Boy 4Boy 2

Boy 3

Boy 5