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Sewing – A shirt for myself

Once again, it’s a wearable garment for myself which has made it’s way from my sewing table to my wardrobe. Two pieces of sewn clothing for myself within a couple weeks is pretty monumental when you consider just how few things I’ve made for myself over the past years. But while my Field of Flowers dress has been worn so much since I made it, this top is patiently waiting for the weather to turn a little cooler. This hot, muggy weather isn’t conducive to wearing a 3/4 sleeve top. But I expect as soon as the cool evenings start to roll in, I’ll appreciate having this one ready and waiting for me.

Once again I played with fabric origami to brighten up an otherwise fairly plain top. I like the way the triangles look a little quirky and fun (and not too childish, I hope).

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The finer details for those who are interested:

:: Pattern – Esme top from Sew Liberated

:: Fabric – the main fabric was from the bargain rack at my local patchwork store and the solid colours are a mix of Anna Maria Horner solids.

:: Alterations – I sewed five small, topstitched tucks at the centre front instead of gathers as I felt this would be more flattering on my figure and make it look less like a maternity top. I also sewed a casing at the waist on both sides and stitched a small amount of elastic. This was, once again to make it a little more figure hugging and less like a big, blowsy smock.

:: Other thoughts – I think my fabric was too stiff for the pattern and seems to poke out instead of falling softly (thus, the reason why I added the side elastic and tucks instead of gathers). I also think I would make the neckline a bit narrower if I made another one – it seems to constantly feel like it’s falling off my shoulders (even if it isn’t).  All in all, I’m not completely in love with this top, but to be fair, I haven’t worn it enough to give myself a chance to really like it as part of my wardrobe either. So time will tell on that one. I might have to check back in here and let you know how much I wear it over the winter. What I really like is the colourful, triangle accents around the yoke, the mustard topstitching contrasting with the grey and the brass buttons which have been in my button tin seemingly forever.

:: Would I make another one – hmmm, I don’t know. I think I would like to try this in softer fabric because I think it looks like a practical addition to my cool weather wardrobe, but I find myself getting put off with not feeling ‘good’ when I put this one on.

Sewing – Field of flowers dress

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It’s not something I do very often – sew clothing for myself. But recently I’ve had the desire to actually wear something I’ve made. Maybe it’s a case of my daughter having a cupboard full of lovely dresses which our lifestyle (and her preference) doesn’t lend itself to wearing very often, so she really didn’t need me to make her anymore…. And my boys, well what can I say, boys clothes just aren’t as fun to be creative with, in my opinion. Having said that I have enjoyed the creative, funky kind of clothes I’ve made for them and they have enjoyed wearing them and, if I’m honest two of them are often heard asking me to sew more clothes for them….

But it was the flowery, flowing, girly sort of sewing I’d been hankering after. So I thought I’d be brave and sew for myself. Brave, yes, very brave because in my previous experience, getting a garment fit a young child is far, far, far easier than getting a garment to fit myself.

So armed with a gifted voucher to spend and a pattern which had been on my this-would-be-nice list for a little while now, I set to work. And the results have pleased me no end. I have worn this dress almost every weekend since I made it – my life at the moment, and therefore my wardrobe, seems to be have a firm dividing line between weekday activities/wardrobe and weekend activities/wardrobe. And the pattern is out on the sewing table just waiting for the ‘perfect’ fabric to make a second one (it uses an awful lot of fabric so nothing in my stash will suffice yet….)


The details for those who are interested:

Fabric: Budquette Nightfall Voile designed by Emmy Grace

Pattern: Clara Dress from Sew Liberated

Alterations I made to pattern: I added darts to the front bodice and pleats to the front skirt to make the front sit flat  and left out the front elastic (I’m not a fan of front gathered waistbands on myself). I left out the pockets (they were bulky and I found didn’t sit flat when I follow the instructions for setting them in). I sewed down the seam of back skirt/bodice to form a sort of casing for the elastic, otherwise I found the elastic didn’t really sit nicely against the body.

What I like about the pattern: The little collar which was easy to sew and sits flat while adding an extra design element to the dress. The shape of the skirt  gores as well as gather/pleat fullness. The easy to follow instructions – this was the first Sew Liberated pattern I had used.


Note: My husband stopped by this wheat field to get some photos while we were out driving one day. Then he kindly asked me to get out there in the field to add some interest to the photos. I obliged, knowing I wanted a photo to show you this dress (and I very rarely find myself in any photos), but I got out of there quickly. It was a hot, summer day in a black soil paddock and I know that is the perfect habitat for certain wriggly creatures which I’d rather not encounter. Thankfully I didn’t upset any sun baking snakes on this particular day!