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Hexagon Quilt

Bright Hexagon Quilt 014 Bright Hexagon Quilt 015 Bright Hexagon Quilt 016 Bright Hexagon Quilt 017 Bright Hexagon Quilt 018

It’s been such a bustling, creative time in my studio lately. I’ve been finding moments here and there to hide away and stitch yet another seam or cut another piece – you know how it is when the creativity is bubbling over in your head and there is no other solution but to utilise those little pockets of time to recreate the beauty in real life. This creative bug seems to have hit most of the family, with various children accompanying me in making things – sometimes working on their own projects and other times actually helping me – I’ve been taken quite by surprise to find that the older ones are now ‘big enough’ to really help me out – pinning quilts, cutting fabric, even sewing a seam or two…. very capable. Oh, it’s been one of the nicest surprises to discover.

With all this making happening, I thought it was high time I called in here and showed you some of our creations. It’s one of those things I find hard to balance – the creative input seems to run in spurts and I get so caught up in it that I forget to come to this place and share with you lovely people – and I really enjoy doing that and along the way hope that you enjoy sharing our lives as well. So let’s grab a cuppa (I’m enjoying a freshly brewed, black coffee in case you would like to join me) and I’ll tell you about this bright, spring-like burst of colour which currently adorns my table.

It was a project which just kind of evolved while playing around with the pack of pre-cut triangles which I had bought a year or two ago when I was teaching children’s sewing classes but it was never used. In the effort to finish off some projects and clean out the sewing cupboard a bit, I thought I’d put these bright triangles into use. I really liked the triangle/hexagon shape mix so sewed them together as such – this took many weeks in between travelling and other projects and of course everyday family life! Then it sat waiting for my quilting pins to be finished with another project (to be revealed here soon).

Still without any final use in mind Eamon decided it made the perfect blanket for himself and his teddies and almost daily he would come and get it off my sewing table for whatever use he had in mind before returning it when he was finished (hmmm, at 2 years old he isn’t always this efficient in returning things to their correct place). He even tried to use it while it was in the sewing machine in process of quilting, this required a high level of negotiation skills on my behalf  to convince him to use a different quilt that time.

Then as I finished the last hand stitch on the binding late one evening last week, I lay it over the table to look at it and decided it really looked at home with the mis-matched brightness of our chairs. And there it has stayed for the past week or so without anyone, including Eamon, using it for anything else – so I think it has found it’s home (for now at least).


A Finished Floral Patchwork Quilt

Quilt 4Quilt 5Quilt 3

Quilt 2 Quilt 1


A pile of pre-cut squares left over from a project made several years ago, have lived in my sewing cupboard. Not really enough to do much with, yet enough to warrant something nice and pretty. I have always loved the fabrics and combination of florals, spots and stripes and had many ideas of what I should or could do with them over the years. But in the cupboard they remained.

In an attempt to clean out my fabric drawers, I dug them out with the intent to make something.  I found some extra blue floral which gave me enough for a basic patchwork, lap quilt. A bit of measuring, cutting, joining and measuring again meant I could squeeze enough fabric for a small, pink spot border and a patchwork binding. I was really pleased with the result and could foresee it being a snuggly quilt to live over the back of our lounge chair.

I found some pearl cottons in my stash, which were a perfect match and began quilting with them. But after the winter season had passed and still the quilt remained unquilted in my handwork basket, I knew it was a ridiculous idea to even consider hand quilting in the heat of our spring, summer, autumn time. So back to my ufo box it went.

Then, just recently, it surfaced once again. This time I had downloaded this machine embroidered quilting design and it matched this quilt perfectly. I had been anxious to try quilting with my embroidery machine for such a long time, but it had seemed a bit daunting. Now I had my perfect project to practice on – not too big and busy fabric – good to hide any mistakes.

The quilting was so very easy. A couple things I would do differently next time – use a bolder thread, make the design a little bigger etc. But overall I love the finished result.