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A Finished Floral Patchwork Quilt

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A pile of pre-cut squares left over from a project made several years ago, have lived in my sewing cupboard. Not really enough to do much with, yet enough to warrant something nice and pretty. I have always loved the fabrics and combination of florals, spots and stripes and had many ideas of what I should or could do with them over the years. But in the cupboard they remained.

In an attempt to clean out my fabric drawers, I dug them out with the intent to make something.  I found some extra blue floral which gave me enough for a basic patchwork, lap quilt. A bit of measuring, cutting, joining and measuring again meant I could squeeze enough fabric for a small, pink spot border and a patchwork binding. I was really pleased with the result and could foresee it being a snuggly quilt to live over the back of our lounge chair.

I found some pearl cottons in my stash, which were a perfect match and began quilting with them. But after the winter season had passed and still the quilt remained unquilted in my handwork basket, I knew it was a ridiculous idea to even consider hand quilting in the heat of our spring, summer, autumn time. So back to my ufo box it went.

Then, just recently, it surfaced once again. This time I had downloaded this machine embroidered quilting design and it matched this quilt perfectly. I had been anxious to try quilting with my embroidery machine for such a long time, but it had seemed a bit daunting. Now I had my perfect project to practice on – not too big and busy fabric – good to hide any mistakes.

The quilting was so very easy. A couple things I would do differently next time – use a bolder thread, make the design a little bigger etc. But overall I love the finished result.