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Saying Goodbye

Weekending 6

It’s a view which fills my heart with gratitude. It uplifts my soul and encapsulates an essence which says, ‘you are special, amazing, loved and the whole world is a beautiful place and everything is possible.’ A place which causes me to stop and has taught me to simply ‘be’. As a student of this place, I initially resisted it’s urge to teach me this lesson. I held onto my own strength and tried to ‘achieve’ as has been my natural inclination. Slowly I succumbed to the restful quality and quiet stillness which is found here. I’ve come to realise deep within the power of allowing life to flow in it’s natural rhythm without me trying to force it my way. I’ve discovered the power in the statement, “Let Go and Let God.” Big lesson there. I’ve discovered how to connect with my inner self and live in a state of connection rather than discord. And it’s been an absolute pleasure spending the past year in this classroom which I’ve called home.

Weekending 2 Weekending 5

It’s a season of lasts for us here. It’s time to say goodbye to this community which has welcomed us with wide open arms. It’s been an absolute privilege to have lived here for this season of our life. The freedom which this place has given our children has been enjoyed by all. The friendships which have been formed will be taken with us and memories kept forever.

Weekending 3Weekending 4
Weekending 1

Saying goodbye to this place ushers in the opportunity to embrace a new season of life within our family. A new location to call home. A new part of the country to explore. A new community to embrace and find our fit within. A new rhythm of family life to carve out and create. A lot of new on the horizon. The unknowns may be a little unsettling. The goodbyes a little melancholy. But the horizon of our family life is glittering with new opportunities which I’m embracing with a sense of expectation.


Modern Art DIY – part 3

Modern Art DIY part 3

I’m presenting the third instalment in my ‘packing = modern’ art series. This project was created by me as I was sorting and packing the school area. It is a simple project which serves a dual purpose – creating a work of art and finding out which felt pens still work. For this reason, I undertake this project on a semi-regular basis.

What You Need:

  • A pile of felt pens, highlighter, markers etc.
  • A piece of scrap paper – pre-scribbled on is just fine
  • A good chunk of time to undertake a mindless task
  • A rubbish bin
  • A pencil case

The Process:

  • Take lid off felt pen.
  • Draw a scribble on the scrap paper.
  • Choose whether pen is good to keep.
  • Place pen in either rubbish bin or pencil case.
  • Repeat with every pen in the pile.
  • Display artwork with previously created modern art areas in house.
  • Experiment with different filters over photo.
  • Smile while continuing to sort and pack.

Modern Art DIY 3

Modern Art DIY 5

Modern Art DIY 4

Modern Art DIY 6


Modern Art DIY Collage

Modern Art DIY

Modern Art DIY


We have been creating ‘Modern Art’ in abundance around here lately. All of it is directly related to the fact that we are moving in about a weeks time. Moving = Modern Art, not usually my equation, but I’ve been having fun with the camera this week.¬†Sharing my first Modern Art DIY project here today.

What you need:

  • A houseful of belongings
  • Big brown boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Black permanent marker
  • Other obscure personal effects

The Process:

  • Collect any odd assortment of ‘stuff’ which has found it’s way into your home.
  • Place collection of objects in a box – the bigger the better. Except when the objects are primarily books – then the smaller the better.
  • Tape box firmly closed with packing tape.
  • Label box very clearly.
  • Stack boxes in every corner of your house.
  • Enjoy the masterpiece you have created.

Modern Art DIY 7

Modern Art DIY 6