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Postcards from North West Queensland – Part 1

3 1/2 weeks; big, open skies; long, empty roads; bright, starlit night skies; a camper trailer and my fantastic family. It was a recipe for success, yes, really it was. Days spent meandering throughout this diverse state of QLD, new areas to discover and explore fully, ‘famous’ rivers to throw a line into, campfires to cook on, creeks to swim in and driving hours filled with new music and audio books.

Just typing that brings back so many delightful, lifetime memories. Our original plan for this trip was to head to the southern states but as the time drew closer the outback of Queensland seemed to draw us. It was all a new area to explore for me and the children which made it even more adventure-like. While these kind of landscapes are familiar to me as I’ve seen enough photos having lived my whole life in this state, I’d never actually experienced the vastness, the openness and the raw, rugged beauty myself.

So with provisions stocked (grocery shops, I figured, would be few and far between on the routes we were taking) and a family raring to go we turned the car North-West and drove. With only a very basic idea of where we would like to go, we explored new areas, stayed till we were ready to move on and took the advice of other travellers to help determine our next destination.

As expected we returned with memories a-plenty and a stock of photos to match. So I thought I’d share some of the beauty we captured on film here with you. Random shots which capture the essence of our trip. I’ll spread the visual feast over several posts (otherwise I’ll bore you to bits with the same red dirt/blue sky kind of look over and over again) and if you want any more details of specific places feel free to leave me a comment.

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