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A New Perspective


“I …can …see …for…e…ver.”

The words came floating across the yard in a disjointed fashion. Jumps on the trampoline punctuating a pause between each word breathlessly shouted loud.

It’s all about perspective.

The blond hair tousled by the breeze and the all important work of a five year old, who at that moment was completely absorbed in the view which his high jumping position afforded him. Eyes alight with the innocent joy and delight of childhood. Words tumbling forth without any thought to whom they were directed. Just exclamations of pure delight.

It’s all about perspective.

The excitement held within his voice indicated a view of magnificence. A view across the miles – maybe a mountain range, valley or possibly a view of the ocean beyond.

Perspectiv 3


Perspectiv 4


Perspective 2

Ahhh, but my ‘grown up’ mind was planted firmly in reality and knew that the view wasn’t really worth writing home about. Just the neighbours paddock and a couple horses which call that patch of grass home. But the ‘childlike’ mind of my delighted 5 year old realised this view was something special – to him at least. The first jump on the trampoline in this new home of ours, provided him the freedom of seeing past the fence, to the horizon far beyond. He could see for…e…ver…

Perspective. It’s a strange concept because even the utterance of the word is framed by our own ideas and beliefs about what it means. Perspective means something different for you and it’s different again for me or my children. A successful property investor would probably view the ‘For Sale’ sign down the street differently to me. The entrepreneur businessman would probably have a different perspective on a conversation between a group of friends. The perspective of our new town is different between my husband, myself and our children (as we drove through for the first time we each noted very different things, distance to work, good farmers market, parks etc.). Our beliefs, values, memories of past experiences, what we have learnt and who we are deep within, all meld together to make up the filters through which we view the world around us.

The simple innocence of taking on a child’s perspective and suddenly I can see beyond the steel-grey fence surrounding my little patch called home. I can see forever, if I just jump.

I thought the view beyond my fence was just a paddock – dry, parched, brown and dusty. But, oh no, the perspective of my little one gives this view wings. Those dried out grass fronds are food for the horses. The horses are a sign of life, living, freedom and fun (in the mind of my little one, anyway). The view to the horizon may not have much of interest in it. Dry and flat, very flat, very very flat, farmland punctuated by houses and buildings, as far as the eye can see. But, oh no, that view is to the end of the world, the place where the sky joins the earth, the path to the unknown, mystery, excitement and adventure.

Perspective 1


Perspective. I’ve decided today that I need to open my eyes a little wider and view this world around me with a different perspective. To view my situation, my actions, the people around me through the eyes of someone different – maybe the perspective of someone I admire greatly, someone hugely successful in some area of life, maybe the childlike optimism which I’m surrounded by constantly, maybe the eyes of someone now given a second chance at life.

Join me in determining to view the everyday, ordinary aspects of our lives with a different perspective. Turn the view of an ordinary fence into a view of … forever…. of abundant possibilities.