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Welcome 2014


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It’s a time of year I always anticipate with excitement. A new year just beginning. An opportunity to sit down and think about the life we live, the dreams we have, the ideas we desire to bring into reality, the priorities we have in life…..

Having said all that, I’m not one for resolutions or making promises I know I can’t possibly keep. But rather, I see the value in stepping back and thoughtfully planning this life we are privileged to live. A time to dream and plan rather than make empty promises. So with the busyness that usually accompanies our Christmas/New Year time (delightful, fun, joyful, family-filled days), it’s now – already a week into the new year – that I’m finding the space to think, dream and plan. And what an exciting prospect that is. A whole new year full of promise and opportunity, just waiting to be lived.

I’m fully bursting with excitement and have a notebook getting filled with ideas, dreams and goals. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic year ahead, I just know it. I’ve began writing, with a pen and paper, a journal once again. This was a the request of my biggest son who enjoys our time together as we write, he writes his journal but me typing away at the computer keys just wasn’t quite the same. I had to agree, so I found a notebook given to me 4 years ago from a special group of friends (you original Nourished girls are such a wonderful group of women), a touching note written in the front cover and have made it my goal to write whatever I want in there this year – just whatever fills my heart and mind each day. This may come as a surprise, for someone who loves writing as much as I do, but I haven’t really kept a proper journal like this for years. I’ve kept notebooks of this, that and the other but not just a journal filled what what makes up my heart each day (or as often as I get to write) – no pressure, no restrictions, no ideas of what I should include, just a place for me.

So much of what fills me with excitement are the little things, the small changes I make to our everyday family life and the little family traditions I want to continue or begin. The picnics we plan to take more often as a family, the afternoons spent stitching by the sandpit which I intend to continue, the sewing and knitting projects I’m helping my daughter with, the woodworking  which my two older boys are enjoying at the moment, the camping adventures we have planned, sharing more family dinners by candlelight – all the little things which make this life of mine so rich and blessed. Oh yes, there are bigger dreams and plans swirling around as well but my full priority is placed on the little moments which are truly the big moments.

I hope your 2014 is shaping up to fill you with joy, peace and hopeful anticipation.