Everyday Ladies – Impacting a Community.

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Inspiring Weekend 3

It felt like such a privilege to be invited – yet there I was enjoying a delicious, champagne breakfast last Saturday morning. Surrounded by 12 of the most inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, in fact 9 of them were total strangers till that morning. All were hand-picked to contribute to a project which a friend of mine has been diligently working away at for most of last year. (You will hear more about this project as the year progresses, I promise.) A group of women specifically chosen because of the inspiration they are and the impact they are making in their community. And somehow I found myself there….

Inspiring other women. Making an impact in our community. Living out our dreams. Making a difference in the lives of the women around us.

Sounds all rather grandiose now, doesn’t it?

But the reality is just the opposite. I had the incredible pleasure to spend a morning with some very amazing, talented, giving, generous and above all, inspiring women. Yet, they were all just everyday people. Mum’s who go about their daily duties at home. Ladies who found a need in their workplace so set some little steps in motion and it’s impact has been far reaching. A lady whose daughter’s birth introduced her to a whole new world and sent her in a direction which I’m sure she would never have expected. A gentle, humble older lady who spoke with a graciousness belying the impact she has had on so many people by her generous spirit and her finding a way to serve others no matter where she has lived. An ex-neighbour (as she labelled me with a off-handed smile) who has been the most delightful neighbour I’ve ever had the pleasure of living next to. Her thoughtfulness has set this whole project in motion and on a totally different front, she has been instrumental in me finding an answer to some lonely questions in this new community of ours.

Inspiring ladies, to be sure. But everyday ones as well. Just simple ladies who have said ‘yes’ to doing what their heart says and finding the results so much more than they expected.

And there I was. Surrounded by this incredible energy of possibility. Simply soaking up the atmosphere that is created when like-minded people join together to celebrate a milestone and share each other’s journeys. A privilege which I’m so grateful for. A time which will shape my growth as a person.

It was a moment to reflect and acknowledge that who I am and the person I choose to show up as everyday actually makes an impact in the lives of others – like a ripple effect flowing from my family at it’s heart.  And I realise that living my dreams, my purpose and helping others along the way can really be as simple as living with intention – It’s all about these quiet days spent at home with my little ones, sowing into their lives with love and learning as we simply live our lives together.


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