Making the Jeans Fit

I may have been a little absent here in this space lately but I’ve been busy living life. You know how it goes. Keeping busy with the delight of this family and all that involves. But I have also spent quite a bit of time keeping company with my machines and serious amounts of gorgeous fabrics and threads. So I thought I’d share a few projects with you over the next little while. But it’s close the Christmas…. and that means that some of these ‘projects’ can’t been shown here till the new year – I’m sure you understand. But some of these are older projects but for whatever reason I just never got to sharing them here. And today I’ll start with one of those.

It was the beginning of winter when I realised that my little one’s legs were getting too long for these favourite jeans. These were a good, comfortable fit, not bulky (as jeans for this age have the tendency to be) and were simply a favourite for the older brother and now this little one as well. So I raided my scrap stash and added some buttons and red stitching and was quite pleased with the end result. And best of all they were well worn all winter.

Black Jeans 6Black Jeans 4 Black Jeans 3 Black Jeans 2 Black Jeans 1

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