The Funky Details – Sewing Boys Shorts

The Funky Details

It was a while ago now. He came to me, this biggest boy of mine, with a request. A quiet voice, uncertain smile and sincerity in his eyes.

“You’ve made shorts for the other boys. Can you make some for me as well?”

A request like this from my soon-to-be-10-year-old son. Well, how could I resist.

“What do you want your shorts to be like?” I questioned.

Hmmm….. The thinking process lasted a day or so. Obviously such an important decision, required much thought.

“It’s the funky details I like the best. ‘Cause you’re a Funky Mummy. Any shorts, just a bit longer than the little boys though. But they must have Funky, Mummy details!” (Ever since this comment this boy has found ‘funky’ things I like in shops and magazines and calls me his Funky Mummy. I never realised I used the word ‘Funky’ quite so often.)

Well, the challenge was set. I’m a Funky Mummy. Said with such endearing love. I felt a little chuffed at that remark. With the ‘funky details’ ringing in my ears, I delved into my fabric stash, sat at the sewing machine and set to work.

The outcome delighted this big boy of mine and these shorts were well worn until the weather turned a little too cold.

Now that spring has hit us here in Oz, it’s time to revisit the wardrobes and discover what still fits and who needs what in the way of new clothing. With these shorts in hand, it’s been decided that all 4 children need some new, funky shorts for the summer days ahead.

Big Shorts 6

Big Shorts 5

The newspaper, car-classified section, fabric was a previous purchase chosen by Nicholas when we were making pencil cases together. So naturally his choice was to have the newspaper splashed across his shorts as well. Yellow was his chosen colour – “just because it works Mum.” Who am I to argue with that?

Big Shorts 4 Big Shorts 3 Big Shorts 2 Big Shorts 1

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