Little Dolls

Doll 3


A gift from her Aunty provided the inspiration – a beautiful sewing book, just perfectly designed for beginning sewers.The photographs are delightful and provide hours of browsing time when sewing isn’t ready to happen (read: Mummy is too busy to help). The projects are simple enough to be attempted while being practical as well.

After several smaller projects had been made, Holly decided a doll was essential. Not for her but for her little cousin. This cousin’s birthday was still half a year away, so we had plenty of time and Holly set to work.

This little doll has been totally made by Holly. Cutting out, stitching completely by hand, turning in right side, stuffing, sewing pretty clothes and embroidering the face on the completed doll. The head was slightly lopsided so she decided a big hair bow would solve the problem. I think she did a fantastic job. She diligently sat working with painstaking concentration to achieve small, strong backstitches. Then the face details were worked and reworked to look ‘just right’.

Doll 2Doll 1This little friend (who wasn’t named because that honour was left for her future owner) sat in my sewing nook for several months. She became a much loved addition adding some prettiness to our sewing / school nook. Then as the little cousin’s second birthday loomed closer, Holly realised she had a new little girl cousin who would be turning 1 soon as well. So the logical solution was to make a little friend for her doll. With only 1 week left till we would be seeing all the cousins, Holly set to work with a diligence rarely observed in her. She sat and stitched just as long as it took to finish off her doll and a couple days later we had two little girls sitting in my sewing nook. Ahh, how pretty and special as they were made with so much love.

Holly Doll 2

Holly Doll 1


I think a 7 year old girl must understand exactly what little girls love because these were received with great delight by her two littlest girl cousins. Along with an immense look of pride and delight on their maker’s face. Ahh…. the sweetness of little girls.

Holly Doll 4Holly Doll 3

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