Why Do I Sew?

When Friday rolled around last week, it translated into ‘SewingDay’, in my current way of thinking at least. Sewing is a past time which I have struggled to make happen these past few years. Every day seems to get filled with far more urgent things and by the time the evening quiet comes, my creativity is hard to rustle up. So I do a few stitches here and there. Steal 10 minutes to do some mending on the odd occasion. But a dedicated time to be creative has eluded me.

This year I’ve made some severe alterations to the rhythm and routine of our family. Part of this unpacking of our commitments and shuffling around the way we spend our hours has included a whole day with ‘sewing’ as it’s prefix. Now, I may be an idealist, but I’m also a realist with my feet planted firmly in this adventurous family of mine, so I don’t have any wild notion that the entire day will be dedicated to sewing, oh no. Just a moment here or there. Maybe a whole hour with only a minimum of distractions if I’m really lucky. But the biggest thing is my attitude. I intend to do some sewing every Friday. Whether that translates to 10 minutes or 6 hours will depend on the day and my family’s needs.

To make this idealistic dream easier to become a reality, I now have a dedicated sewing nook set it the best place for it. Just off the main living area of our home. Tucked away so a bit of mess won’t really matter, but close to all the action and happenings. This means I can sit at my sewing machine and hear spelling words or listen to a child read – yup, I tested this last week. It means that a few minutes can actually mean a seam stitched instead of just finding the machine which had become an integral part of lego city. I’m sure you realise just how brilliant a sewing machine works as a burning building for the lego fireman to rescue, or a castle for the lego princess to live within, or …. well I’m sure my home isn’t the only one that works like this.

So far my sewing Friday’s have accomplished a skirt and machine embroidered top for myself (sorry no photos) and a pair of funky shorts for my 5 year old who insists on continuing to grow, no matter what I tell him.









Two of my boys and myself (trying to protect my camera somehow) ended up piled in a heap of giggles, while taking these photos. The joyous delight was contagious. This boy of mine was rather thrilled with the newest addition to his wardrobe. His first comment as he tried them on was, “Wow, Mummy, these are just for me and you made them. I LOVE them.”  At which point I posed the question to myself, “Why do I sew?”

:: I love the creative design process of any project.

:: I enjoy the tactile aspect of working with fabric.

:: I love getting lost in the process of embroidering or smocking, as something beautiful is created from what is essentially a blank slate.

:: I am rather addicted to the feeling of accomplishment as any such project is complete.

:: I delight in dressing my children (and now myself) in my creations.

: I feel a sense of family history as I carry on a tradition which my Grandmother, Mother, Sister and Daughter continue as well.

:: Most of all, it’s a ‘soul restoring’ activity for me. A walk along the waters edge in solitude is a comparable activity. At the end of which I feel alive and connected. It feels like I’m in the right place for me. Utilising the creativity stored within me. It’s like my inner-self is given an opportunity to show itself during a creative, sewing project.

These reflections have taught me a lot about myself. I realise I probably am as crazy as I thought I was (smile). I realise why I can never quite accomplish just ‘running up’ something quick. A pair of home shorts for my growing son, using fabric from the stash, really could be made in next to no time, but that’s not my style. I get caught up in the process and invariably end up adding funky, fun details or some colour or embroidery or drafting my own pattern or something equally ambitiously creative. And I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s a good thing. Simply because that’s me. It represents me and my purpose in sewing and the reason I feel alive and at home when surrounded by beautiful fabric with my machine at my side.


:: Live Your Love ::

—- Corinna —-

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Sew?

  1. Jenny

    There are so many times I do the job just to get it done, without enjoying the process. Reading this I’m inspired to live life fully in each moment. Not just waiting until things are all in order, to then enjoy living. But now!


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