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Wonder:: A state of delight and astonishment at the mystery of our world.

“There is something very small-minded about a person who doesn’t wonder. One of the most dismal states is knowingness, where someone has settled for one narrow version of the world.”

“A life lived without wonder can easily drift into despair. Wonder is capable of nurturing hope even in times of doubt of loss.”

“Wonder is the necessary human condition, a state of being alive.”

“Day-to-day life finds most adults wonder deficient. Each day holds a new and profound experience for a small child, but it’s rare that I find myself in that vulnerable place, halfway between exhilaration and fear. I rarely find I have the time to stop and stare.”


Quotes from The Wonder Stuff article in The Simple Things January 2015
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5 thoughts on “From my Commonplace… Wonder…

  1. Laura

    beautiful! I agree – a sense of wonder is so important to feeling alive. If you know the unexpected can never happen in your life because you are so in control…where is the joy?

  2. Celeste

    A lovely post, both the words and the photos. Your commonplace looks beautiful–I would love to see more. And I agree whole-heartedly with the thoughts on wonder here. Auntie Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter always talks about cultivating “order and wonder” in our children, and I love that. But I think those two prongs are just as important for us as mothers as well. Thank you for sharing.


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