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Around Here

….. we have been busy, coming and going visiting family members, attending various appointments and simply taking part in the activities that make up the way we spend our days at the moment.

It’s been a week of contrasts …. busy travels interspersed with quiet days at home. A lot of my normal homeschool expectations have fallen by the wayside this week and we discovered once again the beauty of allowing more relaxed time without me having any input into the way the hours should be spent. It’s a pleasure to observe the children create and learn on their own as we simply live life together – sometimes all of us could be found in the kitchen creating quite a mess, other times all of us could be found in the studio creating works of art while other moments found us all engrossed in our own individual pursuits.

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Around here there has been::

:: Music – always music

:: Cooking – always good wholesome, healthy, life-giving foods brewing in my kitchen

:: Sewing, Stitching and Knitting – a given around here

:: Painting, stories, puzzles, games, outdoor adventures, and all manner of other children’s pursuits

:: Reading some books which had been started but never completed. Favourites include – Son of Charlemagne, Pollyanna, Uhu the Owl and Peter Rabbit & Grug for the youngest listener. (Grug is his favourite character at the moment. These books are simplistic in their illustrations and stories with a charming portrayal of the Australian bush.)

:: Planning for a new venture we are embarking on

:: Trying to plan the year ahead but finding such a task quite difficult for some reason

:: Loving the quiet simplicity of the days here at home

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3 thoughts on “Around Here ::

  1. Heather

    After your commonplace entry, I wanted to look around some more. Oh my, those children of yours look so adorable and fun! Very cute. And I love the pic of the three older playing their instruments together. That was so endearing. I love it all. New fan! :)


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