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A peek into my day::

:: This week we have slipped back into routine again. We enjoyed an extra long break from normal learning work and other activities throughout November/December. I like it this way because in those months there is so much crafting and reading to be done with Christmas coming and we are all usually tired and ready for a break once the summer heat starts. This means that once the new year is upon us and all the crafting, gifting and visiting is finished, we are all (children and Mummy alike) ready for a new routine to be put in place. Add to this the arrival of a wonderful selection of new books which have been stashed on the top shelf so as not to be ‘discovered’ yet, well starting ‘school’ again seems just right for us. So every day this week has found us all with a new pile of books, devouring the ‘newness’ of them and excited at the selection each and every day.

:: Yesterday I was thinking about sharing a post here about our nature journals – with inspiration from Celeste’s new project this year. But, alas, I never quite got there. It began when driving home from a friends house and we saw a mother and three young emu’s and stopped to watch them as they paraded down the road in front of us – putting on a show just for us, I’m sure. Then we saw an unusual bird in the gum trees over our back fence and observed it’s markings and behaviour as the children were playing outside. Neither of these events actually got added to any nature journals but when I sat down at the table late yesterday I realised our habit of noticing, researching and adding our discoveries to our nature journals had obviously been observed and the children had been busy researching on their own. Strewn open in front of me was:

Emu’s in our Natural History book.

Cockateals in What Bird is That.

The Year of a Koala which I had been reading earlier (along with my knitting).


:: I mentioned my new notebook and have had a couple discussions over on Facebook and Instagram about various planners, diaries and notebooks for organisation. I have my lovely notebook and use the bullet journal idea. I used this system last year and LOVED it. My notebook was with me everywhere I went (it stashed in my handbag) and had all the details about everything I needed and a place to write whatever I needed to jot down, whatever the occasion was. The photos above show it when I recorded a ‘Day In My Life’ which I aim to do once a month – with inspiration from Ronnie.

:: Oh, and once again I’m enjoying some fresh flowers to brighten up my home. They do bring a freshness and joy to a home, don’t they?  It’s amazing what happens in a small country town on a Saturday morning – the grocery shop virtually begs you to take the flowers home (well, in truth, they are just very heavily discounted). Now that I’ve discovered this, you can be sure to find me there about lunchtime on any Saturday we happen to be in town… Just saying’…. Unless, of course, I get a visit from my friend whose lovely homegrown blooms are my favourite of all….

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