Sewing – A shirt for my girl

A lot of sewing has been happening around here recently and I thought it was well and truly time to come and show you some of the finished products. Because seeing how others interpret a piece of fabric (or three) and a pattern is really fascinating, isn’t it? Well it is to me. I’m constantly inspired in my creative endeavours by some little quirk that I notice in someone else’s handmade items – an unusual combination of fabrics or colours, or maybe a different design detail, or a combination of fabric and pattern that I would never have considered….

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This shirt for my fun-loving, outdoor-playing, always-keeping-up-with-her-brothers kind of daughter has proven ever so practical. It really ticks all the boxes that I required: feminine and ‘girly’ (she is still 9 after all), easy to care for and easy to wear – tick, tick, tick. It began as a small piece of fabric I bought at an exquisite fabric shop when she was but a wee little baby, snuggled asleep in a sling on the day I browsed that store (I remember it well). The fabric is textured and glitters and is simply beautiful in all respects. From memory it was rather pricey so I only purchased a small piece which has proven to be it’s undoing. I have pulled it from the stash so many times over the years only to find that I didn’t have enough for the project I wanted it for (wouldn’t it be lovely in a smocked dress…. the fabric is soft but has some weight…. perfect….) and worse still I could never find any coordinating fabric that didn’t ‘cheapen’ this gorgeous fabric. So back in the cupboard it went, time and time again.

Recently I realised that my girl was growing up, fast, and if I was going to make something from this fabric for her, well the time was now or never. Then I surprised myself by immediately pulling this yellow patchwork fabric from the shelf. Now, just so you know, yellow isn’t a colour I am normally drawn towards so it’s not very often that a piece of yellow fabric finds it’s way into my sewing room. But I had purchased this piece to coordinate with a patchwork project recently and hadn’t actually cut into it as yet. The two fabrics gravitated towards each other and the deep purple found it’s way in between and the result led me directly to the pattern pile to find a suitable garment that only needed a small amount of this main fabric. This top from my trusty Ottobre magazine was perfect and with a lot of puzzling, pulling and squeezing I managed to create enough fabric – somehow. I loved the result and enjoyed playing with some fabric origami ┬ádetails (in truth it was my sister who was visiting at the time and fiddling with these triangles on a project she was making at the same time – so really I pinched her idea, thanks Mikaela).

The result is great paired with shorts, a skirt or jeans and best of all this active girl can remain active while still looking girly. Win, win.


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