Live in 2015


2015 has been greatly anticipated by me. I’ve been jotting notes, plans, dreams and ideas for this coming year for such a long time. It’s not that I was wanting last year to end – I really wanted to savour the last month or so of 2014, knowing that these quiet, at-home, relaxed kind of days with my family were a gift to enjoy. But while immersing myself in these homely activities with pleasure, I was also looking ahead with such excitement. I’m still not sure why, but I’m incredibly excited about the year which stretches far out ahead.

I started a new notebook and began by filling several pages with my thoughts and feelings about the next 12 months – simple things like family; unusual things like candles and aprons (go figure. I’m not sure what the significance is, but I wrote them in a contemplative moment so I’m sure the reasoning will become clear. Either that or I’m simply crazy.); exciting things like planned travels; and soul stirring things like plans for a new venture which is guaranteed to be full of laughs and fun (and maybe some hard work? maybe?).

As I jotted, discussed or thought about 2015 I found the words ‘Live’ and ‘Life’ cropping up in almost every point. No idea why (maybe it’s that crazy part again) but it was a theme I couldn’t ignore. So it was quite easy to begin this year with a theme word – ‘Live’ (the verb, with the short ‘i’ sound). I’ve mulled this single word around in my mind for a while now and it seems to fit just perfectly.


:: Live Fully

:: Live Well

:: Live Now

:: Live Joyfully

:: Live my Love

:: Live with Intention

:: Live…… many more words with get added here as the year progresses.


So in 2015 I intend to ‘LIVE’. When the year’s end comes and I reflect, I want to know that I have truly lived my life. The physical location doesn’t matter, the accomplishments aren’t all that important, the events that fill the diary are only a part of the story – what does matter is the way I choose to live my life each and every day of 2015.

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