Hi there. I’m still here and terribly sorry about the radio silence in this place. While this little slice of my life has been rather silent of late, I can guarantee it’s not been silent in the real-life, in-situe version of my life. Family, Fun, Sewing, Noise, Sewing, Travel, Sewing, Writing, Sewing, Learning, Sewing ……. yep, it’s been rather full and to be honest, rather ‘normal’. It’s just that I’ve been so busy actually living and sharing the fun with my family that I sort of forgot to come and share with you here. Sorry.


So this morning I just thought I would pop in quickly and say ‘G’day’.


I’d love to give you a great round up of my recent crafty endeavours but the photos aren’t quite ready (yes I’m behind on getting them from camera to computer. They are sitting there waiting…. waiting…. waiting…. like so many other things). So that will be coming. Promise.

Then I thought I could give you an overview, a ‘Best Of’ sort of post about our family life over this past month or so. But really….. it’s all rather…. shall we say…..normal. General living and learning together. Hmmm inspiration hard to come by on this front.

That brings me to a post I’ve had open on a browser tab for the best part of the past month. A bookish related post full of photos and reviews of some of our favourite books we have delved into recently. But… well… that still sits there. Incomplete. Waiting for another day. I have no idea why I’ve got stuck on that one but the words just aren’t there to share. So when the words flow, I’ll bring it to you.

So… today…. I’m here. Just saying, ‘G’day’. Letting you know you aren’t forgotten. And getting back into the flow of meeting with you in this place with an expectation that I’ll call back to visit again very soon. Because to be honest, I’ve missed our little conversations here. I do so enjoy sharing my life with you in the hope that I can inspire you in some small way to live your life with intention, enjoying your family to the fullest, being grateful for the life you live and finding BEAUTY in the small, everyday moments of your days.


Talk soon.


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