The Voice of Women in the Redlands – Strength and Inspiration

Last week I found myself a bit excited. Or maybe it was nervous? Maybe a touch of relief thrown in there as well. I’d think about Saturday and the butterflies would start dancing inside – a beautiful, graceful dance, not all skitterish with nerves, but butterflies dancing in harmony. That may sound a bit ‘airy-fairy’ but it describes my feeling well.

Now the interesting thing is that my anticipation of the upcoming event on Saturday and the butterflies and genuine feelings of pride which accompanied those graceful creatures had nothing to do with me. It was all in honour of a delightful friend of mine to whom Saturday would mark a major milestone in her life.

Louise Gibbon Book Launch06 Louise Gibbon Book Launch10

About 15 months ago my friend, Louise, started on an epic journey and began writing a book. This book is a collection of stories about 12 ladies who are impacting the lives of other women in the Redlands. She was inspired by some ladies whom she knew well – the librarian of her children’s school and another former colleague of hers – and felt that their stories needed to be honoured. They were the ‘unsung heroes’ of our community and impacting the lives of those around them. So she set to work, with a massive amount of time and effort and interviewed 12 ladies and recorded their stories. And I’m extremely humbled to admit that my story makes up one of those chapters.

I think there’s a common feeling among most of the ladies involved, ‘Why my story? I’m just doing my job. Doing what I’m passionate about. Quietly living my life without any great hullaballoo.’ Well, that’s how I feel anyway. And I think that’s the beauty of this book – it illustrates the impact you can have by simply living your life well and being the best person you can be. That’s all it takes. Waking up each morning determined to be a better person than you were yesterday and enjoying your life in the process.

Louise Gibbon Book Launch31 Louise Gibbon Book Launch18

The process of documenting these stories has been long and, I suspect, much more time consuming and all consuming that Louise ever anticipated. It’s been quite a privilege to have been involved in the little way I have and able to support Louise in tiny little ways. And I’m so proud to have joined her at her book launch last Saturday and observe as she spoke with quiet confidence to the several hundred people who attended. I feel that Louise’s story deserves to be honoured and remembered just as much as those 12 ladies who make up the pages of her book.

To illustrate the her generous spirit, Louise is donating all the profits from the book launch raffle etc. and half of all the author royalties to Hummingbirds Early Intervention Centre. One of the ladies whom Louise connected with through the writing of the book and recorded the story of this amazing lady, Bec, who has a massive vision which is gradually becoming reality and making a big impact in the lives of children who need extra care. A truly inspirational story.

So check out Louise’s website and know that purchasing a copy of The Voice of Women in the Redlands, Strength and Inspiration will be impacting the lives of so many families who truly need it.

Louise Gibbon Book Launch09 Louise Gibbon Book Launch07


2 thoughts on “The Voice of Women in the Redlands – Strength and Inspiration

  1. Louise Gibbon

    Thank you dear Corinna for your beautiful words. Would you believe I missed this post in July and have only just read it tonight!. What a lovely start to my reflections on 2014 as we approach 2015 and a reminder to get to grips with technology!

    I thank you deeply for being YOU and inspiring others. I feel very blessed to have met you and your beautiful family in 2014. My warmest wishes to you all. Love, Louise.

    1. Corinna Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Louise. I have to say the exact same about you! You are such an inspiration and I am immensely grateful for that brief time that our lives crossed paths.
      As far as technology and keeping up…. I think you have really done very well this past 6 months with everything you have done so successfully!


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