Capturing Cuteness – and new overalls

Overalls 9 Overalls 7Overalls 6 Overalls 5Overalls 3Overalls 2Overalls 4Time spent with needle and thread in the studio is always time well spent, in my opinion. It’s an opportunity for me to revive, think, plan, listen to a podcast (or three…) and generally just enjoy doing what I love. That is, if the studio time is snuck in after the little ones are already asleep, of course.

In daylight hours, it’s a different story. As soon as I step foot into this room I can almost guarantee I will be joined by one or more little people – how many join me depends entirely on the time of day and what other activities might be in progress at that moment. These little ones become intent on working on their own creative projects and usually require my help in the process. Therefore, in these moments the studio becomes rather noisier and somewhat less inclined to quiet, reflective thinking or productive sewing.

But regardless of the time of day, or the noise level, or the amount of people crowded around, it is always a creative space. And a space I try to carve out time for more and more often – both in daylight hours and after bedtime has come and gone (often my bedtime as well).

It was in the fun, noisy, creative atmosphere with five of us in this little room that the first of these overalls were made – or at least the fabrics were chosen and design planned (some sewing may have happened in the productive ‘after hours’). And it was a few hours later, in the quietness of evening that the second of these overalls were begun. Could you guess?

Fun, bright and happy fabrics on black corduroy chosen by these fun, bright and happy children. Chambray pinstripes trimmed with a more subdued print chosen by me. Of course. That makes perfect sense.  But both suit this littlest man just perfectly with his big personality, cheeky smile, adorable cuteness and fun loving nature.



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