Postcards from North West QLD – Part 4

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Today I’m bringing you the next instalment of our camping trip throughout Queensland. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of bringing you these photos. Sharing our trip with you makes it seem all the more richer and being ‘forced’ to go back through our photos and reminisce has been pure delight – and not something I’m prone to do often.

I understand that someone else’s holiday snaps are never as interesting as your own. I look at these images and see a lot more than the photos, I see the memories attached to the images. And, quite obviously, you don’t ¬†have those same memories. So I’ve been trying hard not to bore you to tears with too many photos or a running commentary but still share our experience in a meaningful way. (I could go on and on about each shot and where it was, why we were there, what we remember, what the camera settings are and even what we were wearing ¬†– if you were interested, No? Thought so.) I do hope you are enjoying the process as much as I am.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from North West QLD – Part 4

  1. Barb

    Love your postcards – what a good format to post them! Saves stamps too :) Love the happy smiley photos of your munchkins – the marble toy looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing all that inspiring creativity and gentle family living. It’s beautiful.


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