Postcards from North West QLD – part 2

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I brought you the first instalment in our western QLD camping trip here and today I thought I’d share a few more photos and memories. It was an experience which we will all refer back to regularly in our ‘best-family-memories’ discussions for many years to come, I’m sure. Our trip has several distinct memories for us, some of which are captured in this series of photos:

:: Long, straight roads where the scenery changes very little even after several hundreds of kilometres travelled.

:: Some firm favourite audio books which will be forever linked to outback QLD in our memories. Including: Winnie-the-Poo, The Wind in the Willows and The History of Classical Music, narrated by Aled Jones (I do agree, it is a strange collection of stories to be linked to a place which is such a stark contrast to the locations in which the stories are set).

:: The HUGE, clear, blue skies which sit so beautifully in contrast to the endless, brilliant, red dirt.

:: Waterholes and rivers which always provided a welcome stopping place – whether it was for a snack, lunch salad or place to set up camp.

:: The full moon (and nearly full moon) rising over the flat surrounding landscape which was made all the more beautiful when our camp was situated on the only ‘high’ spot for miles around.

:: Camp fires and the hours our whole family spent in discussion or quiet, comfortable, companionship as we watched the embers burn low before retiring for the night. And, of course, the unmistakable flavour of camp-oven cooking – YUM.

:: Sunrise and sunset – each and every day. Yes, we enjoyed these bookends to the day immensely, which is quite obvious when looking through our entire photo album from this trip – a large percentage show the natural brilliance which is captured in the dawn and dusk light.

:: And so much more……




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