When The Family Gathers

A new family member – niece/cousin – is most certainly cause for a family gathering and celebration. And all of ‘us’ descended upon the new parents this past weekend. You know how it goes: a long weekend, a one-week old baby coupled with the prospect of spending a few days with some of my most favourite people, whom I’m blessed to call my family. Yes, most definitely cause to gather, celebrate and simply enjoy each other’s company.

The long hours of driving have become almost ‘normal’ to us now, so we jumped in the car at first opportunity and revelled in the fun, joy and laughter that these 20 people gathered in the same place create.

Cousins who live so far apart became inseparable for the entire weekend. Aunts (yes, me) kidnapped the baby as often as possible and reminisced as I smelt that gorgeous new baby smell and listened to those sweet little sounds only a very new baby makes. The biggest cousins were infatuated with this new addition to our family. Coffee shops were inundated when we arrived (some a little fearful at the prospect of 10 young children!). And generally it was a gentle hum of chatting and laughter which accompanied us wherever we were gathered.

Oh, the delights of family gathered together.

Welcome BabyWelcome Baby (3)Welcome Baby (1)

Welcome Baby (2) Welcome Baby (4)

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