Finding Home Again

Oh my, we are coming and going to far flung places around the country with an alarming regularity these days.

Some of our travels have been long in the planning – like a 3 1/2 week camping trip around north-west Queensland. (photos and stories to come soon, I promise)

Other trips have been very much unplanned – like the unexpected death of a Grandmother and the various visiting/travelling which surrounds such an event.

But some journeys have been taken by choice – silly, wise or crazy, I’m not sure which, but there are some things you just ‘NEED’ to do in life – like driving for an 18 hour round trip to meet a new little niece (and visit the parents and rest of my family in the process, of course!).

And the tripping isn’t finished yet – tomorrow night we are off again…..

But today, just today, I find myself at home. Just me and the children with no great ‘to-do’ list in front of me – only the usual roundup of unpacking bags, washing clothes and repacking bags. A whole day for us to find the rhythm of home again. Oh and how we are enjoying it. In between trips to and from the laundry and clothesline, I’ve delved into the things which signal home to me most of all. With children by my side I have read several of their old favourite books while drinking tea, found my sewing table again (after the hive of activity in our 2 days home last week as Holly and I found it essential to sew for our new littlest family member), got the almost-finished winter pi’s out ready for a spot of quiet sewing this evening, drank more cups of chia-mint tea as we all sat round the table working on diaries from our recent trips and more of those type of things – all with my delightful companions/children by my side.

Yes. It is essential to breathe deep on a day like this. While the washing and cooking all continue at a greater-than-normal volume, I’m finding many moments to be still and enjoy finding ‘home’ again.

Sewing Table 2(This was the state of my sewing table prior to it’s clean-up, as it was littered with the remnants of little, baby girl sewing projects from last week. The choice of fabrics was the hardest – far too many gorgeous combinations – and of course I planned on making far more than was humanly possible to create in the limited time I had. But some of these fabrics will sit patiently and wait till my sewing time is more prolific – because little, baby nieces have got to be the most fun to sew for, I do think.)


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