Sewing Boys Shorts – again

Once again I find myself at my sewing table with a need to add to my youngest son’s wardrobe. Shorts, again…. Well his wardrobe wasn’t completely lacking in this department, it’s just that the last batch of shorts I made – 6 in all for this toilet training boy – didn’t have pockets. What a terrible oversight made by this Mummy. I thought I’d just quickly run up some simple shorts so I had a few spare pairs, nothing fancy, just using whatever fabric I had on hand (not really ‘photo worthy’). But… this two year old of mine has his own sense of style, obviously. The first time he put these shorts on, he looked and looked but couldn’t find the pockets. After much convincing he did leave them on but, had to wear a jumper with pockets. And this has continued, he wears these shorts only with one specific jumper – the jumper with pockets. All well and good if the weather suited wearing a jumper. But in our sweltering, hot, summer weather this causes all sorts of issues. What an oversight, this Mummy not putting pockets in the shorts.

So this time I’ve gone back to my tried and trusty pattern (which you can see here and here and here) and made him two pairs of shorts – complete with plenty of pockets!! These are very similar to the shorts I have in my shop.

But, oh dear, I am struggling with these shorts, I cut out the wrong size … late at night, not thinking and all that. So he now has these two pairs sitting in the cupboard waiting for next year and I’m back to the sewing room today for another instalment of making boys shorts.

E Shorts 1

E Shorts 4 E shorts 3 E Shorts 6E Shorts 7 E Shorts 2 E Shorts 5



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