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The Gratitude Journals

Around here I’m Grateful for:

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* Happy children chatter: All are huddled in a corner surrounded by legos. Such a common sight around here and it’s almost assured to be accompanied by happy sounds.

* Flowers from the garden: The term ‘garden’ may be misleading – it’s really an assorted collection of pots which grow the most amazing collection of herbs, greens, tomatoes, strawberries……. YUM! And I’ve recently discovered flowers – herb flowers are really beautiful.

* Music in the mornings: Listening to the sounds of music as I am working in the studio in the early hours of the morning always succeeds to fill the entire day with a calm, happy atmosphere – even more so if the music is created by my own munchkins.

* Twisting yarn: Whether it’s in the form of crochet or on the knitting needles – these past few days have found me reaching for the yarn quite often.

* Studio time: Early mornings are the best – quiet, productive, contemplative, cool, birds singing, sunlight streaming through the door, yes a very good time indeed. Maybe it’s writing, maybe listening, maybe studying, maybe sewing, maybe preparing for day ahead but regardless it is usually accompanied by a cup of tea and I’m finding it to be the perfect start to every day.

* Reading: Of course! Heidi is our current family read aloud and even my three year old begs for it every lunch time – oh the imaginative play that proceeds from reading a classic like this (and further questioning and learning of course, now the children are planning a trip to Switzerland especially as we finished the William Tell story last week as well).

* Life: Yes, I enjoy living this life of mine and just finished an embroidery yesterday which proclaims, “Life is Beautiful”. And I really think it is. That might just become my mantra for the next little while. Life is Beautiful. Yes.

I hope you are finding the beauty in the little moments as well.

I’m Grateful for: The little things.

The past couple weeks have been as ‘normal’ as life gets for us. And, oh, how lovely that is – sometimes – for just a short time – just to catch up in between the excitement which makes up the rest of life – of course.

It has been a week to enjoy the little things around here:

*Last weekend we celebrated our Nicholas turning 11. Really… they do continue to grow these children of mine. And I feel so privileged to have a front row seat as this maturing is happening. It’s really quite an honour to be a part of the life of this eldest boy of ours.

*The littlest one ‘practicing’ the piano after the big ones have finished. Then he proceeds to do his own ‘school work’ of course. It must be such a delight being the youngest of four, having those big kids around to copy and learn from.

*The children all found cozy beside the bookshelf. All happily intent on reading the very same book.

*The sunshine streaming in the windows.

*The therapeutic rhythm of knitting needles working some wool into a wearable garment. It’s really a meditation of the hands and I’m enjoying it immensely right now.

*Filling the hours with books both old favourites and new.

Yes, the little things are definitely the right things to be enjoying around here right now.

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I’m Grateful for: Winter Days

Winter in Queensland. It has to be my very favourite time of the year. Clear, blue, sunny skies fill our days and the nights are just crisp enough to make snuggling in flannel pi’s under a patchwork quilt ever so appealing. Once the morning frost and coolness has gone and the sun is out in full splendour, the outdoor world seems to call us with it’s mild temperatures and warming light.

With days as ‘perfect’ as they come, we have been taking full advantage of these winter days this past week.  Any projects we are working one (sometimes known as ‘school’ work) tend to migrate to our outdoor table and the children don’t seem to make it indoors till the cool evening sends them in. Actually, to be truthful, they do poke their heads in the door to make sure food is going to be forthcoming, but otherwise it’s an outdoors kind of life we are leading at the moment.

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My studio has one entire wall of glass and a door leading outside, which makes it all a bit hot in the summer, but in winter it’s my very favourite place to be. I can write, sew or somedays just play with fabric and feel like I’m right in the midst of all the outdoor action, observing it all at a distance. Yes, I think I’ll find myself here in my studio very often in the coming weeks.

And for now the outdoors action is pleasing me no end. Knights can be found in battle while the lovely damsel keeps their armour intact and delights all with her beauty. Or maybe it’s a 4WD ute driving around the yard (made out of an old packing box, of course), or a lovely young lady, dressed in a smocked dress, sawing away at wood for some project she has in mind. It’s all putting a smile on my face and reminding me of the absolute joy and beauty to be found around me every, single day.

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I’m Grateful For….

Picnic 049Picnic 051 Picnic 052

When the days trundle by in a semi-predictable routine, it’s refreshing, essential even, to stop and appreciate the life we get to live. So I’ve decided to start a semi-regular segment here in this on-line space which I share with you. ‘I’m Grateful For…’ will be a place for me to share the little (and big) moments which make my heart swell with gratitude. It’s a beautiful life I’m privileged to live and I rather like the idea of giving you a peek into the beauty which fills my days in this way. I hope you enjoy my ‘Grateful’ columns and please share what you are grateful for in the comments and even link to your own ‘Grateful’ blog posts to share with us as well.

Scenes like this are fast becoming the ‘normal’ in our family. Picnics by a river somewhere. Grand, old, gum trees lining the banks with roots down deep, making the most of the water when it’s available.

This picnic was a bit different to others in recent times. The recent rains have meant the drought isn’t so extreme in these parts. The river is filled with fresh water. Green grass lines the banks. Birdlife is prolific (along with mosquitos and flies but I’ll ignore them here). And the air breathes fresh optimism and life.